For an actor, courage can take many forms. Sometimes it involves tightly choreographed fight scenes. Sometimes it involves working with acting idols. And sometimes it involves crying in the shower while leaning against a cameraman, as actor James Wolk revealed Sunday during the course of EW’s Brave Warriors panel at New York Comic Con.

Hosted by EW editor at large Lynette Rice, the panel featured Joel de la Fuente (The Man in the High Castle), Jason Lewis (Midnight, Texas), Josh Dallas (Manifest), Josh Bowman (Revenge, Lore) and Wolk — the latter of whom related the story of a humbling moment during the shoot for his upcoming CBS All Access show Tell Me a Story.

Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

“I was somewhat nude, and it was a shower scene,” Wolk said. “I was wearing privacy briefs and all that, but it’s supposed to look like I was in the shower. But in the show, they couldn’t fit the camera in the shower and the wall in the shower. But they needed me to lean against the wall in the shower and, you know, scream and cry — as you do every time you shower! So, they’re like, ‘Okay, we came up with this idea. We’re going to leave the camera in there, and we’re just going to have the cameraman put his hands out, and then you just hold his hands like they’re the wall. So now I’m in a privacy brief, holding this grown man’s hands, screaming and crying!”

If that’s not courage, we don’t know what is. Watch the trailer for Tell Me a Story above, and follow EW’s full New York Comic Con coverage for more.

Credit: Lars Niki/Getty Images

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