Good Omens

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Amazon has released the first official teaser trailer for Good Omens, the miniseries based on Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman‘s beloved novel. Michael Sheen and David Tennant star as Aziraphale and Crowley, an angel and a demon who’ve grown rather attached to life on Earth and would rather not see it destroyed in the apocalypse. Their bosses, however, have other plans.

Although Amazon dropped a behind-the-scenes teaser for the show over the summer, this is our first official look at the series. Gaiman wrote the series himself after Pratchett’s death in 2015, and he also serves as showrunner.

“It’s such a unique world that he and Terry have created,” Tennant previously told EW. “If anyone else had taken it on, I don’t think we could have captured the real quirky essence of it.”

In addition to the first trailer, Gaiman, director Douglas Mackinnon, Sheen, Tennant, Miranda Richardon, and Jon Hamm screened two clips inside Madison Square Garden for fans gathered at New York Comic Con.

The first gave a brief look at Tennant and Sheen’s chemistry as Crowley and Aziraphale.

“This is the very first thing we’re showing anybody and it’s just a very sweet little clip,” Gaiman prefaced. “It’s towards the end of episode 2. Crowley and Aziraphale have gone off to try to find a missing Antichrist and figure out what’s going on. theyve failed, they’re on their way home, and Aziraphale is about to make an interesting discovery and Crowley has some opinions about Aziraphale’s musical taste.”

That discovery, after riding up to Aziraphale’s bookshop, happens to be The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. Crowley is too busy commenting on the angel’s characterization of the Velvet Underground to notice what is in his possession.

The second clip gives us our first look at Hamm as archangel Gabriel, who’s trying ever so hard to pass himself off as a human.

“I would like to purchase one of your… material objects,” Gabriel awkwardly tells Aziraphale in an attempt to keep his angelic identity a secret from the other patrons in the shop. “I’m buying…”

“Pornography?” his “angelic thug” chimes in.


As Gabriel’s escort then announces to the room, “We humans are extremely embarrassed, we must buy our pronography privately.”

“He is that boss that you don’t like for various reasons, but mostly because he is so certain of his correctness and his rectitude and everything else but he’s wrong,” Hamm describes.

Making a clear reference to Trump and politicians, “People who are so certain of their correctness are really f—ing annoying. But in this context, hopefully, [it’s] funny.”

Good Omens will air on Amazon in early 2019.

Additional reporting by Nick Romano

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