BTS Drunk History - Will Ferrell & Seth Rogen
Credit: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Drunk History is going full Frankenstein.

Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen are joining frightening forces for a special episode of Comedy Central’s inebriated retelling of forgotten historical moments, EW has learned exclusively. Expected to air in early 2019, this episode unspools the tale of how English novelist/sci-fi trailblazer Mary Shelley created Frankenstein, and features Ferrell as the Monster and Rogen as Victor Frankenstein, as well as a pair of Woods: Evan Rachel Wood plays Shelley and Elijah Wood assumes the role of her husband, Percy. Jack McBrayer also appears as Lord Byron, and Rich Fulcher returns as the narrator.

Check out this first-look photo from the episode, in which Drunk History co-creator and host Derek Waters, who directs this installment, works with Ferrell and Rogen. Here’s the official logline: “Due to a summer-long blackout from a volcanic eruption, five young poets and writers are relegated to the indoors and ensuing boredom on their holiday at Lake Geneva. Turning to drugs, alcohol and late-night scary storytelling, the writers’ imaginations run rampant. Hallucinogenic inspiration leads a young Mary Shelley to spin a magnificent tale which turns out to be the basis of her horror classic Frankenstein.

This will be only the second time that the veteran comedy Drunk History has given the full-episode treatment to one story; it previously dedicated a 2016 episode to unspooling the story of Alexander Hamilton with the help of Lin-Manuel Miranda. “Every year I ask myself, ‘How will we not be a show that’s just somebody drunk and a famous person moving their lips to a moment in history?'” Waters tells EW. “I liked how [season 5’s] ‘Drunk Mystery’ was in the tone of Unsolved Mysteries, and I wanted to do something in another tone. I was like, ‘Oh, that show Are you Afraid of the Dark? was so funny as a kid, maybe it’d be something around the campfire. History started around campfires and people telling stories.’ It’s in the tone of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and it’s a story about a story. It’s about Mary Shelley coming up with this story at a party, so I thought, ‘This one will be really big.'”

Ferrell, who is an executive producer on the series, played Abraham Lincoln and Roald Dahl in previous seasons, while Rogen portrayed Vlad the Impaler. Evan Rachel Wood played Deborah Sampson in a previous episode, Elijah Wood makes his first appearance, and McBrayer has appeared nine times prior, playing everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Andrew Jackson to Clarence Darrow.

Season 6 of Drunk History is slated to debut in early 2019.