By Chancellor Agard
October 05, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT
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The Magicians will be back this winter.

Showrunners John McNamara and Sera Gamble revealed Friday at New York Comic Con that the unpredictable Syfy drama is slated to return Jan. 23. But that wasn’t the only surprise the duo had for attendees: They also unveiled a season 4 first-look clip that features the surprise return of a deceased character. 

In case you forgot, season 3 ended with magic finally being restored; however, it came at a price. The Library and Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy) erased Quentin (Jason Ralph) and the gang’s memories and essentially placed them into magical witness protection with new identities. But they were far from safe. As the season closed, an ancient and unkillable monster took over Eliot’s body and tracked down Quentin, who was now going by Brian. When the new season premieres, the Monster will set his sights on the rest of the group.

Based on this new clip, High King Margo (Summer Bishil), who now goes by Janet, won’t remain in the dark about magic for too long. In the clip, the Fillorian god Ember (Dominic Burgess), who was killed in the season 2 finale, appears to Margo/Janet in a dream and delivers a dire warning.

“Majesty, I have emanated to warn you that great ill is a foot,” says Ember. (It’s worth noting that this isn’t the real Ember, but some kind of emergency warning system that has been activated by a “world war, pandemic, arrival of hostile or uninvited gods onto Fillorian soil, revolt of dwarves, or mass rising of the dead.”)

Margo/Janet has no clue what he’s talking about because she doesn’t remember her old life. “We’re going to have to take this from the top, because I literally haven’t been this confused since I woke up in bed with Banksy,” she says. “Okay, horn person? My name is Janet. I’m not a king. I’m an editor, a fashion editor. You’re not even wearing pants. I don’t think this message is for me.”

Let’s just say Ember doesn’t take her dismissive attitude well. Watch the new clip above.

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