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It’s no secret that Dean will be missing when Supernatural kicks off its 14th season. After all, the season 13 finale saw the archangel Michael run off with Dean’s (now very sharply dressed) vessel, and let’s just say Michael doesn’t intend to give Dean back anytime soon. First, he’s got a plan to execute.

But that doesn’t mean Sam has given up on his brother. Just the opposite, in fact: Sam and Castiel, with help from the Apocalypse World hunters, will be doing everything they can to locate Dean when the season begins. As star Misha Collins previously told EW, “Cas is pulling out all the stops. He’s willing to make any kind of deal with any kind of devil in order to get Dean back.” And in a new teaser from the Shaving People Punting Things account, Sam shares a similar sentiment: “If it meant finding Dean, I’d do anything.”

The new teaser also offers fans a glimpse at the darkness surrounding the new season. As Michael advises, “Hang on and enjoy the ride.” (One good thing? Charlie makes an appearance!) Watch the new teaser below.

Supernatural returns Thursday, Oct. 11, at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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