'It's a dangerous time to be a bro'

By Nick Romano
October 04, 2018 at 09:18 AM EDT

“It’s a dangerous time to be a bro,” Nick Kroll said, mocking President Trump‘s rhetoric as he played Brett Kavanaugh’s old college drinking buddy.

Stephen Colbert was determined to get to the bottom of “boofing,” a word that’s come up repeatedly during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. So the Late Show host tracked down one of Kavanaugh’s schoolmates named Squish (pronounced as a high-pitched “skweesh”) in a spoof interview segment.

So what does boofing mean? Is it, as Kavanaugh claimed, a reference to flatulence? Is it ingesting alcohol up one’s butt? Does it refer, as Kavanaugh’s old college roommate claimed, to sex? “I don’t know,” Squish answered, “but I do know they all make the same sound: skweesh!”

Kroll’s Squish said he stands by Kavanaugh “169 percent” — with the emphasis placed on the “69.” Although, it seems he doesn’t know Kavanaugh has been nominated for the Supreme Court. “B-Dog’s going to court?!” Squish exclaimed. “Did he sell me out?”

And just to remind the world that there are many more awful men in existence, Squish claimed of this “dangerous time” for bros, “First they came for the Kava-Dog, but you know who they could come for next? Your son, your husband, your father, your nephew, your grandpa, ’cause I’ve partied with all those dudes and they did some nasty stuff.”