By Nick Romano
October 04, 2018 at 08:37 AM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel continued Hollywood’s pattern of turning “a bad idea” into the next big blockbuster.

Introducing The Textening. The late-show host took the idea of President Donald Trump sending out his first presidential text message alert to the American people and made it the basis for a new thriller.

A family is driving through the city, going about their day, when it hits. They blocked Trump on Twitter, but the commander in chief found a way to send “fake news” messages to everyone. Cue the panic.

Cars are crashing, planes are exploding, a guy cuts off his hand to escape the alerts popping up on his Apple Watch, and no one is safe from The Textening.

James Corden over on The Late Late Show didn’t have as quite a dramatic approach to discussing the new presidential action.

“Today millions of cellphone users in the United States received the first nationwide text of the presidential alert emergency text system,” Corden said during his rundown of the news. “Sorry to everyone who muted the president on Twitter. I’m afraid there’s just no escape.”

The host continued to mock the alerts by showing some of the “glitches.” Instead of getting the “test” message, Corden joked that some users received this alert: “TWO BIG MACS, LARGE FRY, FISH FILET, HURRY BACK.” A second one soon followed with, “Sorry, that was for Mike Pence.”