By Nick Romano
October 02, 2018 at 09:12 AM EDT

Glad to see Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t forgotten about his “feud” with arch-nemesis Matt Damon. In recapping the week’s events surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearings, the late-night host couldn’t help but take a jab at Damon’s impersonation of the controversial nominee on Saturday Night Live.

“Kavanaugh’s testimony rubbed a lot of people the wrong way,” Kimmel said during a news rundown on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. “In fact, he was so unlikeable, Saturday Night Live had no choice but to cast the most repugnant actor in the world to play him over the weekend. What a surprise that Matt Damon would have no other plans on a Saturday.”

Their banter has been going on for a long time and Damon’s SNL gig just got caught in the crossfire. The actor popped in for the season premiere this past weekend in a sketch that spoofed Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding allegations of sexual assault.

Kimmel moved on from his Damon jokes quickly because there were more important things to address, like the larger issue of men facing claims of sexual misconduct. The late-night host has hope for those gents: Denietol.

In a fake pharmaceutical ad accompanying the segment, Kimmel introduced a new drug that is just as fake as his feud with Damon and erases a man’s memories of performing any inappropriate act he has been accused of. In their place are “strong feelings of indignation and outrage.”

“Do not use Dinietol if you signed a non-disclosure agreement with a porn star,” the narration concludes. That one’s for you, Mr. President.