In CBS’s new comedy The Neighborhood (premiering tonight at 8 p.m.), Cedric the Entertainer plays Calvin, a man whose world is rocked when a white family — Dave (Max Greenfield), Gemma (Beth Behrs), and their son Grover (Hank Greenspan) — moves in to his predominantly black neighborhood. Calvin’s especially irked by Dave’s eagerness to make friends with Calvin, his wife Tina (Tichina Arnold), and their sons Marty (Marcel Spears) and Malcolm (Sheaun McKinney). “There are some white people who love black people just because they’re black,” he complains to Malcolm. “It makes them feel all good on the inside.” There are plenty of other things that irk Calvin about caucasians, including when they say things like, “I find Rihanna very attractive.”

So when the cast of The Neighborhood dropped by EW’s studio, we had to know: What are their pet peeves about white people? Arnold jokes that white people “tattle” too much, while Cedric the Entertainer notes that some white people have a “sexually uncomfortable” love of a certain iced beverage. Spears reveals that he’s run into several white folks who want to “educate” him about how to pick up his dog’s droppings — a phenomenon that often goes hand-in-hand with what Spears and McKinney call the “white-person whisper.”

Before you start taking too much umbrage, white folks, remember that the cast — like The Neighborhood itself — is simply looking to use humor to explore touchy topics. “We can have a conversation about it,” says McKinney. “Communication is key.”

To hear more from the cast — and see how Cedric the Entertainer mastered his note-perfect “white guy” voice — watch the video above.

The Neighborhood airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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