By Nick Romano
September 29, 2018 at 11:12 AM EDT
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There’s a new addition to President Donald Trump‘s legal team, and he’s a real hotshot with experience hanging out at ski resorts waiting for someone to get burned by the hot chocolate machine so he can sue on their behalf.

Stephen Colbert met this individual on The Late Show by way of Bad Times at the El Royale actor Jeff Bridges. Bridges introduced himself as Ted Morgan, though he likes to go by what his friends call him, Morg — that’s mainly because he “used to pick a lot of clients up at the morgue.”

Colbert asked Morg about reports stating it isn’t clear whether Trump told his new attorneys key details on the two Federal investigations plaguing his presidency. Essentially, “they have no idea what’s going on,” Colbert said.

Morg isn’t worried. He chalks it up to something called attorney-what-the-client-did privilege. “The less I know about Trump, the more I think he’s innocent,” says the guy wearing a bathrobe he swiped from a hotel and eating a waffle he grabbed from the jury duty breakfast buffet.

“I’m very positive about winning,” Morg added. “I’m also very positive about losing. The important thing is stay positive.” In the end, we’re all just a little more confused.

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