By James Hibberd
September 27, 2018 at 07:05 PM EDT

Kit Harington warned Game of Thrones fans that he was probably going to cut off his long hair after wrapping his longtime role on the hit show.

But Emilia Clarke didn’t give a, well, heads up.

Below the Solo actress revealed her new short look on Instagram, noting, “Me: I’m thinking when Gwyneth and Brad had the same hair cut. @jennychohair : I got ‘chu.
#nowijustneedanextra2feetoflegs … #fortheloveofthelowmaintenance.”

Behold, the Breaker of Manes:

Last month Clarke hinted she might make this change during a Refinery 29 interview. “I do bloody love long hair,” she said, “but then I’m always dreaming of cutting it all off and having a pixie cut. But I don’t know that my face could take it.”

Harington, by the way, hasn’t yet changed his look (most recently commenting in an interview, “It’s strange to think now that I can change it. Do I want to change it? Am I going to change it? I don’t know”).

While the King in the North has long been under restrictions not to change his hairstyle while filming, Clarke has been free to try different lengths and styles over the years since she wears a light blonde wig on the show anyway.

Clarke’s new look comes on the heels of the actress revealing her new dragon tattoos honoring the years she spent playing Daenerys Targaryen on the HBO drama. The move follows up on a couple of Clarke’s GoT costars also getting final season tattoos, with Sophie Turner getting a direwolf tattoo and Maisie Williams getting a tattoo of a certain line of dialogue.

GoT returns for its final season in 2019.