Is Tina Belcher really boy crazy? Her family certainly thinks so. But the oldest Belcher kid (voiced by Dan Mintz) faces her biggest source of hormonal confusion head-on in the Bob’s Burgers season 9 premiere, “Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now.”

“We’ve done some great fantasy episodes, but this is really an extravaganza in terms of Tina’s mind,” Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard told EW.

In the exclusive clip above, Tina bumps into the newest love of her life – Damon (voiced by Josh Gad) – while unloading napkins from the car. She then chases her crush to the open auditions for boy band Boyz4Now, where she ends up in a Tina-esque dream-come-true room filled hundreds of teenage guys.

The episode will feature multiple musical numbers with Broadway royalty—Book of Mormon’s Gad, Andrew Rannells and Rory O’Malley and Hamilton alum Daveed Diggs— voicing the objects of Tina’s affection.

Bob’s Burgers season 9 premieres on Sunday, Sept. 30.

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