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One measly vote.

That’s all that stood between Tyler Crispen and a half-million dollars. Tyler ended as the runner-up of Big Brother season 20 after losing to Kaycee Clark in a nail-biting 5-4 vote by the jury. What does he think of the jury’s decision? Did he think he had it in the bag when he was up 4 votes to 1? Did he make too many final two deals? Whom would he have brought to the end had he won the final HOH? We asked Tyler — who can be seen next guest-starring with Brett on The Bold and the Beautiful on Oct. 23 as guys who “owned a high tech robotic startup, have sold their company, and now focus of philanthropic endeavors” — all that and more after he stepped out of the house. (Also make sure to read our interview with the winner, Kaycee Clark and chat with third-place finisher JC Mounduix.)

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKKLY: Welcome out of the house!
TYLER CRISPEN: Dude, this is sensory overload right now. I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t believe I am out of the house. That’s all I have to say. I don’t know. It’s so weird, man.

Do you think the jury made the right call?
Kaycee is one of the best people I have ever met in my life. And she honestly deserves that win. I think JC, myself, and Kaycee all deserved to be in the final three. I think any of the three of us deserved to win, and I cannot be happier for Kaycee. I cannot be happier.

Why do you think she got the nod?
I think she got the nod just because she had more of a personal relationship with Bayleigh. Pretty much the other side of the house, she had a better personal relationship. Like I said, I kind of had to make some enemies because I felt like I had nothing but friends in the house. It is what it is. I’m so happy for Kaycee. I’m not bitter whatsoever that I lost. I totally get it. This is how the game works. I felt like I did everything I set out to do. I cannot be happier with myself or happier with the result, honestly.

You’re a student of this game, and I know that you’ve seen people in the past, like Paul, make lots of final two deals to get to the end and then not take home the bacon. Were you worried that with some of those spurned jurors — in this case maybe there was Scottie who thought he was much closer to you than he was, and Sam — that this might come back to haunt you?
Absolutely. That was the biggest thing I was worried about, honestly. That’s why I’m not in too much of a shock right now, because honestly I knew I was gonna be a big target. I knew I had to have people to follow me. I knew I had to have multiple people that wanted to bring me to the end of the game, because I was so good at competitions early on. I kind of set up those relationships so I could have a lot of different paths to the final two. But then, the hard part was getting the jury to understand that that’s what I needed to do to get there. And Kaycee’s route was a little bit more direct and less bloody, and that’s why she took home the win. I totally get that. I totally get that.

How did you see the jury votes going down before everything happened?
You know, the votes that shocked me the most… I was unsure about Haleigh. I knew she was a super fan, and I knew if was able to explain my game play well enough, she would respect that. I was a little bit shocked that Scottie did not vote for me, and I was a little bit shocked that Fessy didn’t vote for me. I thought I had those two. But other than that, I was sure Rockstar and Bayleigh were going to vote for Kaycee, so that’s why when it came down to it, I was like, “Kaycee, you got this. Without a doubt.” I was worried about JC feeling a little bit bitter, but other than that, yeah, Fess and Scottie definitely surprised me.

What about Sam?
Sam had told me early in this game that she would be okay with losing to Kaycee, and she was telling me how much she loved Kaycee, so never in my mind did I calculate Sam voting for me. So, I was not shocked with that one. Even though I was super close with Sam. I knew she played a very personal game. As much as I love Sam, I voted her out. She felt betrayed by me, and I knew she was going to take that personally, and I totally get that. I had always calculated Sam voting for Kaycee over me in my head.

It’s tough enough to lose by one vote, but Julie Chen was kind of twisting the knife there by arranging it so you were up 4 to 1, in jury votes. At that point are you thinking, “Whoa, I’m running away with this?”
No, I mean, I was like “One more …” I really thought Fessy was gonna vote for me and that was gonna be it, but once Fessy did not vote for me, and he voted for Kaycee, I was like, “Aw, congrats, Kaycee. You got this.” No, I’m not bitter, not mad at all, but once I saw Fess vote the other way I knew that was it. But, man, 4 to 1? You gotta be joking! You gotta be joking, man! 4 to 1? She ran away with it, though. I’m so proud of Kaycee. Kaycee is one of the best people I’ve ever met in my entire life, and she deserves it 100 percent.

Of course, she makes the big decision to bring you to the final two, and let’s reverse it for a second. Who would you have brought to the end had you won the final HOH?
I would have taken Kaycee for sure. The difference between my final two with Sam, the difference between my final two with JC, and my final two with Brett, all three of them had come to me with the offer of the final two. The difference with Kaycee is on day one I went to her with that offer, and I was gonna stay true with that. So, I figured I was set up to lose either way, honestly. I thought if I would’ve taken JC, I would have lost. And I kind of felt like it was gonna be super close with Kaycee, but I had to stay true to Kaycee. I could not back stab her. Nothing but loyal to me.

Okay, I’ve got a few questions about all that. First off, why do you think you would have lost to JC? Do you still feel that way?
I do still feel that way. I think the fact that JC was behind pretty much every single eviction, him and I pretty much were, I’d say we were kind of behind mostly everything. We always knew what was going on. I felt like the other side of the house kind of saw that, but they still had good relationships with JC. So I felt like they would take JC’s game play, like the fact that he didn’t win any competitions and he made it all the way to the end, they would take that into consideration. I felt like I would’ve totally lost against JC, like not even five to four. It would’ve probably been six to two or something like that, you know? And backstabbing Kaycee would’ve just been awful, and I could have not done that.

Yeah, it would’ve been a bad look for you. How do you think JC does against Kaycee if it’s those two in the end?
Oh, I think it would have been tight like that way too. I really don’t know. I can’t even say who I would have voted for.

It was so close. I can’t even say who I would have voted for if it was the two of them. It would have been based on their speeches. I feel like I knew both of their games to the entirety. JC was behind the scenes, but Kaycee was loyal. JC was more manipulative, but Kaycee won the comps. It was gonna be tight no matter what, so I can’t even make that decision. Choosing between two of the best people out there, the best players of this game, would have been so difficult. I can’t even make that decision. I’ve never even thought about it in my head either because I knew Kaycee was going to take me.

You said something very interesting earlier, where you said, “Listen, of all these deals I made, the one with Kaycee was on day one and that was the real deal.” So, why day one did you go to Kaycee to make that deal? Why her?
It was Kaycee because right off the bat I just felt a vibe with Kaycee that I knew we were so similar. I knew we had the same mindset, and that was something that I was looking for in this game. I envisioned meeting somebody like Kaycee to go through this game with. I knew she would be loyal. I could tell by her mindset and just the way she carries herself how she would be, and I just went for it. I devoted myself to Kaycee, and that was that. I pitched that to her, and that was difference between all of the other final twos — they were all brought to me. Like Sam, I was HOH, and Sam could’ve been put on the block, and she came to me and wanted to have a final two. JC, the same thing. I took me reaching out to Kaycee as more genuine than those two coming to me when I was in HOH trying to make a final two deal.

You don’t get the half a million. However, ou do win the fan vote: $25,000, which is also nice just to know that the fans voted for you, I imagine.
That’s insane. That was the biggest shock for me, and that honestly feels like a win. Honestly. I really was so worried this whole season that America hated me. I thought I was going to be the most disliked house guest in there.

There was always just something in my head that was just like, “These people don’t like you, man. America doesn’t like you. You’re playing too sketchy.” But I felt like I just stayed true to myself. I tried to play the game as best as I can. I went like balls to the wall. I kept my secrets, I kept other people’s secrets. It’s a really good feeling to know America had my back, I guess. It’s surreal.

Listen, let me tell you something, Tyler. They’re gonna ask you back to play. It’s gonna happen. I’ve watched this show long enough, I know that they’re going to ask you to come do it again. I know you’ve only been out of the house for 90 minutes, but what do you think: Are you going to be back in the Big Brother house at some point?
Man, you know I love Big Brother. I would do it again, man. But don’t quote me on that.

Too late. You just got quoted, dude.
You quoted me, man! I love this game. It was fun. It was stressful, but I would totally do it again if they wanted me to, for sure.

I know that they want you to be on The Bold and the Beautiful on Oct. 23 with Brett.
The Bold and the Beautiful?

Do you even know that?
With Brett? No, I didn’t know that. Just me and Brett? Dude, no way. That’s sick. I did not know that. That’s news to me.

Yeah, I’m breaking the news to you right now.
No way. That’s sick, man. I always wondered who they were gonna pick for that. That’s crazy.

So, if it’s you and Brett going on that, which one is Bold and which one is Beautiful?
It’s gonna be split down the middle, man. I’d say I’m a little bit more bold than Brett. But Brett’s pretty beautiful, so I guess he can take the beautiful one.

Also make sure to read our interview with the winner, Kaycee Clark chat with third-place finisher JC Mounduix. And for more Big Brother news, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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