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He manipulated friends and enemies alike when he was in the Big Brother house, but in the end, JC Mounduix could not scam his way into the finals. After she won the final HOH, Kaycee evicted JC, giving him third place in the game. How does he think he would have done in the final two? Whom would he have brought to the end had he won the final HOH? And why did he vote for Tyler to win over Kaycee? We asked JC all that and more, including about those controversial incidents inside the house — like holding the bathroom door open while Haleigh was inside and kissing Tyler in his sleep — that made waves outside of it. Read on to see what he had to say. (Also make sure to read our interviews with winner Kaycee and runner-up Tyler.)

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY So, JC, how hard is it to get that close but not quite close enough?
JC MOUNDUIX: It’s just crazy. Right now the only thing in my mind is going back to the real world. I can’t even, I’m trying to adjust. It’s just a great experience. I have so many things to say and so many things that I probably don’t want to say. It’s crazy, I’m like crazy right now.

Let’s get into some of the elements right there at the end and first off, I want to ask you about your vote. Why did you decide to vote for Tyler over Casey?
Okay, this is the thing. I walked in there and I know it’s a game, a dirty game, people lying and stuff. But, I walked in there wanting to be loyal and I was just going to keep being loyal no matter what. That guy definitely wasn’t loyal back to me, he was trying to play a super smart guy and that’s good for him or whatever, but I kept it loyal to the end and I told him I was going to be loyal to him and I kept my word and he didn’t rally for votes. I said I wasn’t going to be a bitter jury and I wasn’t a bitter jury. He deserved the win and that’s what I think.

How do you think you would’ve done had Kaycee picked you to go to the final two?
To be honest, I think she was going to win no matter what. She had no blood on her hands whatsoever. We were the ones, me and Tyler, doing all the dirty jobs. I was the one basically spying and infiltrating the other side and trying to get them out. Tyler was winning and back-dooring people — we were the full team members. I loved playing the game.

She was doing nothing. She was just very loyal to us and our alliance — just doing whatever we tell her to do. But she didn’t have any blood in her hands. No matter who either Tyler or me going top two with her, we’re going to lose. That’s 100 percent.

So I guess that means had you won the final HOH, you would’ve brought Tyler to the end, right?
Oh yeah, for sure. 100 percent.

Speaking of which, what happened with you in competitions this season? You only won one. Why do you think? I’m sure that was frustrating for you. What was happening out there?
It was really frustrating for me. I’m the kind of guy who sleeps eight hours, follows a schedule, go to the gym. I have my diet, the things I like to eat and stuff. If you take me out of that schedule, I completely lose myself. I don’t have the capacity of going out there for a competition and pull my problems or leaving it aside and focus.

That’s what was going on with me all competitions. I would go there and would have like an interview before this and I was always not feeling confident about stuff. It was just a struggle being there not having a schedule. Not sleeping well and I mean, I felt it. I admit it. It was partly my fault I wasn’t strong enough to put it aside. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t. It was killer for me in the winning part.

Looking back on your game now, what would you say was your best and worst moves in the game this season?
My best move was the flipping vote. I used that the whole season. It was the best thing I could do. There was the one week I wasn’t just bringing the flipping vote and just using it for so many things. That was so smart, I kept it to myself. My worst move was trying to be so loyal. I didn’t make any top two, real top two with anyone. I only made top two with Tyler and I thought he was being the same way. If he would listen to me, we would make it to the end. I will beat you. We would have a 50/50 chance of winning.

You were really effective and good at spreading misinformation, which can be a key element of this game. But I remember watching thinking how you were so especially good at controlling Faysal. You had him in the palm of your hand. So part of me was like, if you can control that guy, why get rid of him?
This is the thing. My main thing was being loyal. And I was controlling him but I was living there and I knew what was inside. The only thing on mind at that moment was how he loved he was with Haleigh. She was literally the only thing that he was talking about — “Haleigh this, Haleigh that.” That’s a huge liability. I feel like even if I want to use him to go top two with him or top three, we wouldn’t even have made it. Cause he was already thinking…like when I vote him out, because I was basically one of the ones who would try everything to get him out. He was already trying to make top four deals with Haleigh and some other people. He wasn’t really thinking of me. He was thinking about using me as a universal pawn because I wasn’t winning anything. So he was just a rival. I’m okay with thinking now what I had to. That was a good move. I have no complaints about that one. I was there, I knew exactly what was going on.

There were some instances in the house where you were accused of violating peoples’ privacy or personal space. Like when you were holding the door open when Haleigh was going to the bathroom or kissing Tyler while he was sleeping. Those are two examples. What do you say to people who watched that and were really disturbed by those actions?
Well, this is the thing. We were really close in the house. I was having nightmares all the time. I would have the girls and guys talk with me and patting me. Tyler was sleeping and he was making sounds that he never does and I was like, “Babe it’s gonna be okay.” I was in the middle of my sleep. I pulled his bandana down so he could sleep and I gave him a kiss on his shoulder. I guess if it wasn’t on his shoulder, honestly I don’t even remember that much. You know we were super friends and super close. I can be a lot of things but I’m not a pervert. I can tell you that.

And also, with the bathroom incident. I was walking to the bathroom and always when I’m getting close to the door I go “knock-knock,” and people say no. But she didn’t answer because, she was wearing all these black things. She was completely dressed and she didn’t answer. So I opened and she screamed. So I’m like, “Oh you wanna play this game?” You see I noticed that the girl was wearing clothes and that’s why I left it open. If I would have noticed at any point she was being a little bit naked or something or somebody was gonna put…I would never leave that door open. I told her, and she was completely dressed. She scared me and I just wanted to door-handle prank. That’s pretty much it. I hope these things don’t escalate cause right now. Just don’t magnify drama, how I like to call it.

Are you going to go back and watch all the episodes now that you’ve been out of the house?
I’m probably gonna go and watch it because I don’t know if you saw my game play. Every single time I sat on that orange couch I knew exactly what was going on. Even when Tyler backdoored Brett, I caught it right away. I literally caught it right away. I walked into the room and I thought, “Please do not take out Brett, please do not take out Brett,” it just came to my brain really quick. So watching it, I hope it is going to be, “Oh, well okay, yeah I knew that. I knew of this.” Tyler at the end really did take me by surprise. But I knew he wasn’t being completely loyal, and I sat right down on the couch and I said it. I don’t think Tyler’s being completely loyal even more after then, more eviction things.

So, I guess I was ready, the only thing that got me out of this competition was me not winning comps. I would have won that comp, like part two, I would have been top two up front. It was the only thing. I see my social game was on point. I mean I’m not trying to grab on anything, being there 99 days and seeing exactly how that works. And no matter what, I feel it in my heart, I always know who was going home. Always know it. Even when I told myself in third place, I sat right in the kitchen…this was like one hour from finale. And I told him, I know I’m third place.

Also make sure to read our interviews with winner Kaycee and runner-up Tyler. And for More Big Brother scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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