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James Corden and Neil Patrick Harris are getting the band back together and they’ve still got it — kinda of!

Donning red velvet tuxedos, The Late Late Show host and A Series of Unfortunate Events star headed out around the Los Angeles area to deliver sung messages of congratulations to unsuspecting victims recipients. The musical duo’s first stop on their singing telegram tour was a boxing studio, where they serenaded a couple celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary. After some trouble starting their portable CD player, the guys broke into their take on Olivia Newton John’s 1981 classic “Let’s Get Physical” with hilariously modified lyrics that included: “You know what we mean/ anniversary, anniversary, it’s your 19th anniversary.”

The next performance wasn’t without its glitches. When Corden and Harris pulled up to a beauty salon to help a woman who works there celebrate her birthday, they only discovered after a hearty rendition of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer,” that it was not, in fact, the listener’s birthday. Still, we can’t deny that “Happy birthday, private waxer” sung to John’s melody is rather catchy.

Luckily, the final stop got the singing telegram company back on track as the twosome endeavored to celebrate a woman’s recent cat adoption. Though initially reluctant to wear the mandatory cat ears, after being warned by Corden to “put some smile on it”, Harris got quite into their version of ” Memory” from the musical Cats. The best lyric was simple but classic: “meow, meow, meow, purr, purr” and the cat-like dance moves were even sleeker. However, the song wasn’t enough to convince Corden to adopt a feline of his own. When asked if he wanted to take one home with him, he curtly replied: “No, I can’t stand cats.” Me-ow.

Watch the hilarious clip above.

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