By Nick Romano
September 25, 2018 at 08:54 AM EDT
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Emma Stone will do just about anything to get you to adopt a rescue puppy displaced by Hurricane Florence, even spreading libelous statements. As they say, though, the ends justify the means.

Stephen Colbert brought back The Late Show‘s Rescue Dog Rescue segment on Monday night to help the little pups who need homes after the devastation caused by the storm. But Colbert needed a celebrity. Hey, Stone is a celebrity!

The two teamed up to speak “lies designed to get you to adopt” the rescue dogs. For instance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got his name from Dwayne “The Dog” Johnson, a precious Shepherd mix.

Did you know Olive, a terrier mix, has been working as a private security consultant on the Robert Mueller investigation into election meddling for the past eight months? “She’s ready to tell you some stuff that will blow your mind,” Colbert said. “What’s that, Olive? Donald Jr. did what in Moscow? Wow!”

These dogs, along with Mia, Barkley, Ruby, and Riggs, are all actually up for adoption. So go to the website for the North Shore Animal League America to be the proud owner of Owen, the director of Best Picture Oscar winner Spotlight. “Don’t believe me? Then search your brain,” Colbert joked. “Who’s the director of Spotlight? It won Best Picture so what’s their name? That’s right. It’s Owen.”

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