By Ruth Kinane
September 24, 2018 at 11:28 AM EDT

Benedict Cumberbatch is a very modest (super)hero.

On Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Doctor Strange star opened up about a recent encounter he had in London when he jumped out of his Uber to save a food delivery cyclist from being mugged. “I just stopped the Uber that we were in and got out and tried to intervene and tried to calm the kids down, who were riled up,” explains Cumberbatch humbly.

Back in November of last year, Cumberbatch intervened when he witnessed four assailants attempt to rob a cyclist. “The cyclist was lucky, Benedict’s a superhero,” Manuel Dias, who was driving the actor’s Uber vehicle when Cumberbatch jumped out, told U.K. newspaper The Sun at the time of the incident. “Benedict was courageous, brave and selfless. If he hadn’t stepped in the cyclist could have been seriously injured.”

Cumberbatch himself was a little more restrained about the whole event, telling DeGeneres, “It’s all been a bit exaggerated, so I feel a bit weird talking about it.” He added that he mostly just “literally got in the way” to prevent the attack and tried to stop traffic so if anything dangerous did happen, there would be witnesses.

Watch the full clip above.