Grey's Anatomy gallery opener
Credit: ABC; Illustration by EW

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Some say Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that happens to feature a lot of romance, but it’s our belief that it’s a show about relationships that just happens to take place at a hospital. Need proof? Just look inside the elevators. Or the supply closets. Or really any dark corner where a doctor or several could get it on.

Romance is the backbone of this most fantastic original Shondaland show, and society’s water cooler discussions wouldn’t be the same without all the ons and offs of the Grey Sloan Memorial staff on-again-off-again relationships. But of course, keeping up with everyone who has dated, married, been engaged, or simply hooked up with someone else in the cast is a full-time job. Luckily, it quite literally is our full-time job, so we created this handy chart to keep everyone abreast (sorry, we had to) of the most memorable…let’s just say shenanigans.

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