By Nick Romano
September 22, 2018 at 11:30 AM EDT

Chrissy Teigen‘s answers are enough to make Jimmy Fallon blush — even if we don’t know what the questions are.

Backstage of The Tonight Show, Fallon came up with a new game with Teigen when she admitted she would feel comfortable answering personal questions on the show if the audience didn’t know what the questions were. Cut to Loaded Questions, a game where the contestants give answers but don’t have to say exactly what they are answering.

If they decided not to reveal the questions, however, they had to take shots instead. Teigen mostly took shots.

The audience went wild when the model and cookbook author read a mystery question and name-dropped Rob Kardashian. Two other answers she gave to the audience were “I’m happy with three times a week” and “Jimmy Fallon,” but she kept those questions to herself.

In fact, her “Jimmy Fallon” answer must’ve been so juicy that she peeled off the question from the game piece, crumbled it up, and ate it so there would be no evidence.

“If any of your writers tell you what the question was, I’ll die,” she told Fallon.

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