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How did Camilla Luddington prepare for the scene where her Grey’s Anatomy character is confronted by the abusive husband she tried to escape?

She avoided Matthew Morrison, the charismatic song and dance man who played him.

“I would’ve loved to have gotten to know him more, but I knew that we had to have a certain chemistry and I didn’t want to become almost too familiar with him, it helped to hate him. He’s so likable that it meant that I had to separate myself,” Luddington tells EW.

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Luddington’s character, Jo Wilson, who starts at Grey Sloan Memorial as a surgical intern, has changed her name and moved to Seattle to escape her abusive husband. But, unbeknownst to Jo, her husband Paul finds out where she is and shows up at her job.

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“I remember feeling anxious about [shooting that scene] because it was such a huge moment for Jo in her story line,” Luddington recalls. And though his persona is much different from that character, Luddington says Morrison’s performance helped her get into the right headspace. “He was so great at playing a charismatic bad guy.”

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