You heard the news about Kelly Clarkson‘s talk show, right? No? Well, Kelly Clarkson is getting her own daytime talk show starting in fall 2019. Now you know. The Meaning of Life singer already has experience as a guest on late-night talk shows, but Seth Meyers gave her more practice as a host on Thursday night when he turned over the Late Night desk to Clarkson.

“Now I wish I had pictures to show of you and your family,” she remarked while getting settled in.

The coach on The Voice rocked it immediately with her first question: “Seth Meyers, who is your worst guest so I don’t ever invite them?” She got instant laughs and even delved into topical questions for a second by asking Meyers if he’d ever run for public office. He said no, so she asked the follow-up: “Do you perhaps think celebrities shouldn’t?”

The Kelly Clarkson Show, which is what the singer’s show will be called, was announced as an hourlong series and a lead-in for Ellen on NBC-owned stations.

Clarkson admitted her main fear of hosting a show like this is that she wouldn’t be able to stop talking, but as Meyers pointed out, that could be her strength. “The problem when you have a bad guest is that you have to do the talking,” he said, “but that’s never gonna be a problem.”

Watch Clarkson’s practice run on Late Night in the clip above.

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