By Nick Romano
September 21, 2018 at 08:03 AM EDT

Predators have feelings, too. James Corden proves so in a new sketch for The Late Late Show wherein the host dons a Predator suit and goes on the hunt, so to speak, for a new acting gig.

Hollywood only sees Howard (that’s Predator’s real name) as just one thing: an alien movie star. All those other Predator movies, including the latest one from director Shane Black, don’t leave him “creatively satisfied” so he’s looking to skirt the typecasting and audition for James Bond.

It doesn’t go so well.

“I do feel bad for him,” Olivia Munn, popping in with her Predator costar Keegan-Michael Key for a cameo, said. “I mean, he’s great to work with, he’s got a lot of talent, for sure. I guess if I had one complaint, it’s just that he’s always doing these Austin Powers impressions. It’s like, the movie’s 20 years old.”

Howard can’t be a waiter because he disintegrates rude guests and he can’t be a sitcom star because online outrage will get him dropped from shows after one episode. So, nowadays, you can find him roaming Hollywood still making Predator movies — only this time he has an improv class to satiate his creative thirst.

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