By Nick Romano
September 20, 2018 at 08:15 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart pulled off their own Billy Madison and went back to high school to see who could cut it. While The Tonight Show viewers were figuring out which of them bested high-schooling, in honor of Hart’s new film Night School, the celebs crashed classrooms filled with unsuspecting students.

Some were clearly floored to see Fallon and Hart head into math and science classes. Others were clearly over it, like when the duo were dissecting frogs in science class and started gagging uncontrollably.

Fallon and Hart took over a high school in Queens, as the late-night host attempted to answer algebraic equations and tell neutron jokes that did not make him popular at the lunch table. Then came gym. Climbing the rope was… an interesting sight, especially since Fallon mistakenly sported Hart’s gym shorts.

In the end, Hart was dubbed “the better student” in a graduation ceremony in front of the entire school. But Hart, in turn, had a surprise for the students. “The entire school is gonna go and see my movie Night School. You guys get to see it before anybody else,” he said.

Whether the kids were actually excited to see his new movie or just excited to get out of class is unclear. What matters are the high school photos of Fallon and Hart that were revealed at the very end of the segment.

Watch above.