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A celebration is in order at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Now on its 15th season, Grey’s Anatomy is about to tie E.R. as one of the longest-running hospital dramas on TV — so EW decided to throw a party! This week EW is featuring not one but six covers with the cast of ABC’s top-rated series, including a very special one featuring the queen of the O.R. herself, Ellen Pompeo.

“I still am fighting every day for the quality of the show to be good and for the actors to be happy,” says Pompeo, who posed for her latest EW cover while wrapped in EKG rhythm strips.

The actress, who’s played Meredith Grey since 2005 and has appeared on six EW covers since originating the role, adds, “I still care very much about the show.”

Fans made sure to thank Pompeo for her dedication during a recent trip to Seattle, where the cast shot scenes for the new season. “Bless their hearts, they’re adorable,” Pompeo says of the show’s fanbase In the Pacific Northwest, who always seemed to find where she and the others were filming. “It’s incredible how this show just keeps resonating with every young generation. It’s really touching.”

To honor the show’s march into the TV history books, we gathered the cast (in their fanciest duds, of course) and asked them to share secrets about their most memorable episodes. Their recollections may surprise you, but mostly they’ll serve as a reminder of why creator Shonda Rhimes remains one of the most sought-after show creators in the business.

“I’m incredibly proud of the show and I still every day pinch myself that we even got on the air, [that] people watch and people care as much as they do,” Rhimes tells EW. “Everything about this show has been a miracle to me. I love it.”

The celebration doesn’t end with our six covers. Every day until the show’s 15th season premiere on Sept. 27, we’ll post lots of daily remembers of why you fell in love with Meredith, Karev, Miranda, Richard, Owen, and Teddy in the first place. Make sure to come back to every day for our special #7DaysofGreys series, including video of Jesse Williams explaining how fans hated “Japril” (and how he doesn’t like saying their shipper name, either), a comprehensive guide to the show’s craziest medical cases, and fauxbituaries for everyone we still miss — which is really just a reason to run another picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette.

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Credit: James White for EW
Credit: James White for EW
Credit: James White for EW
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Credit: James White for EW