By Dalton Ross
September 20, 2018 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Sam Bledsoe certainly liked to clean. But the 27-year-old welder could not have been thrilled about being swept out of the Big Brother house. Sam became the latest Level 6 victim when she was voted out instead of JC on Wednesday night’s episode. We caught up with Sam on her way to the jury house to see how she felt about being evicted, those who sent her packing, and those she is about to join on the jury.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, can you take us through what it was like to be turned into a robot?
SAM BLEDSOE: It was a magical experience that I simply cannot put into words. I am eternally grateful for my robotic transformation. I am like a beautiful digitized butterfly.

Why do you think you were voted out?
I think I was no longer necessary. I guess they didn’t need a maid anymore. My vote is irrelevant now. Essentially that was all I had to offer for the majority of the season.

Tyler kept telling you throughout the game to trust him. Now that you have been voted out, do you still trust him?
No, sir. No, I don’t trust him, but I don’t feel any differently towards him as a person, as another human being. I see now the difference in what people mean when they say it is not personal, it is just a game.

What was your best and worst move in the game?
My best move in the game was giving Bayleigh my vote, even though Tyler told me not to vote for her. It was the best because Bayleigh is awesome and I made up my own mind. I didn’t vote the way Tyler wanted me to, I voted how I wanted and disregarded all consequences. My worst move was making an alliance with Tyler on day 3 before I knew what I was getting myself into. I wish I had made no alliances until week 3 or 4.

We’ll find out next week who you think is playing the best game in the house, but who is playing the worst game?
The houseguests that are left in the house now are all excellent players. I would say, sadly, I believe it is Angela who is going to end up playing the worst game.

You were constantly cleaning in there, so let me ask you: Who was the messiest person in the house?
Fessy the mess. Love him to pieces, but he is a mess.

Whom are you most and least looking forward to seeing in the jury house?
I am most looking forward to seeing Rockstar and Bayleigh. I am least looking forward to seeing Fessy and his mess.

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