By Dalton Ross
September 19, 2018 at 11:30 AM EDT
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Have you seen those weird Survivor: David vs. Goliath promos, where teeny, tiny little silhouetted David starts swinging his slingshot around to take out big and mighty Goliath? Here, let me just show you…

Contrary to what that promo may lead you to believe, there are actual humans on the David tribe. Like, humans with real faces. And real names that are not David!

Every season I ask host Jeff Probst to pick out a few notables from each tribe, so here’s what he told me about some of the folks to keep an eye on from the David tribe.

“This is a kid, when he was younger he talked about how he was picked on and bullied because he was a bit of a nerd. But he’s grown into himself and he’s a robotics engineer. This is the guy who sort of personifies, what is a secret weapon? Because when you look at me, you may judge me, but look out because I know a little bit more than you might be looking at and I think I just might surprise you.”

“Nick literally grew up on food stamps. His dad used to give blood to get money for the family. He’s had a very tough upbringing. He lost his mom to drugs. He’s a lawyer who came back to his small town to help his community being taken over by opioids. He’s still living the David life. He can’t get out of it. He can’t help it. It is his story to help the underserved because he was the underserved.”

“Elizabeth grew up with, I think, eight siblings. She was like the second or third in line. She didn’t have a lot. Loyal. Married. The only two things she cares about are her marriage and Survivor, and she brings a really fresh energy to this game of somebody who just wants to play and get everything they can out of it.”

“Lyrsa is another David — from Puerto Rico, gay, chip on her shoulder, amazing attitude towards life — that I think is going to be in for a rough ride out of the gate. But she’s the kind of person that if she can get in with an alliance, I think she’s going to have a huge audience rooting for her.”

Apologies to the other six Davids who did not make the cut, but rest assured that Probst is really high on this cast and was just using these four as examples of what (and who) is in store. We’ll have Probst’s picks for the Goliath tribe later in the week, because it turns out there are actually people on that tribe not named Goliath!

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