By Clark Collis
September 16, 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT


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The character of “The Captain” has been much-mentioned but never actually seen on the enjoyably peculiar AMC dramedy Lodge 49. Until now! Monday’s episode will introduce Bruce Campbell as property developer-on-a-downward spiral Gary Green. So, what can the beloved Evil Dead actor tell us about the character?

“Gary Green, he’s kind of the guy that you go to if you want to get anything done,” says Campbell. “He can develop anything, he can get around most laws, he’s been at this game a long time, he plays at a very high level. I think he’s like your shopping mall-kind of guy, large projects where it’s not done fully above board, which makes him a very standard guy. There are a lot of these guys who I know in the film business. Very successful people who make a lot of money and they’re not very honest. But it doesn’t make them unlikeable either. There’s a lot of likable cads.”

The actor shared scenes with Lodge 49 stars Wyatt Russell, who plays feckless surfer Sean “Dud” Dudley, and Brent Jennings, who portrays unlucky-in-love plumbing salesman Ernie Fontaine.

“Those guys are great,” says Campbell. “I’m coming into their show, doing a little three-episode dance, and they were very gracious. You know, Wyatt, it’s funny, I had worked with his dad Kurt a couple of times, and so we sort of laughed about that. I’m like, I keep running into his dad and now, it’s typical, now I work with his son! And Brent was just awesome. You know, incredible low-key guy and his performance was low-key, but when you watch it, I mean, he’s awesome. There are actors that are obviously awesome and other actors who are subtly awesome.”

Campbell was contacted about the part by Paul Giamatti. The Billions actor is an executive producer on the show and almost appeared with Campbell in an ultimately-never-shot sequel to the horror cult classic Bubba Ho-Tep.

“We went out to dinner, and we jibber-jabbered, and couldn’t quite make that work,” says Campbell of the aborted project. “But I’ve always been a big fan, and we kept looking for ways to intersect, and this one made perfect sense. He was my boss. I liked that!”

Is he a good boss?

“He’s pretty good, yeah,” says the actor. “He was almost complimentary.”

Watch a sneak peek of Monday’s episode above and check out a First Look image of Campbell in Lodge 49, below.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC