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You can probably guess why Dick Grayson declared “f— Batman” in the trailer for Titans.

A new clip from the live-action DC Universe series — unveiled on Batman Day, no less — reveals a meeting of the Robins. Dick (Brenton Thwaites), a.k.a. Nightwing/the “old” Robin, encounters Jason Todd (Curran Walters), a.k.a. the “new” Robin/Dick’s replacement.

Jason thinks being the Boy Wonder is pretty “dope.” He’s “kickin’ asses, being famous,” and driving the Batmobile. That last remark, though, preys on Dick’s jealousy.

“Jason has filled my job,” Thwaites told EW of Jason’s introduction. “When I left, I was under the impression that Batman didn’t have a Robin, and Jason basically shows up at a weaker of my moments and saves me, essentially, and tells me he’s the Robin working for Batman. I guess there’s a sense of jealousy and remorse and a little bit of anger and frustration for Jason for filling [that role] that was to perform all of the bad and negative and destructive things that Dick Grayson had just left.”

He continued: “So, Dick is trying to teach him that the things that he is doing and the morals that he stands for aren’t necessarily good and there’s a lot of conflict and tension just based around what their modus operundi is — what Jason fights for and the reasons why he fights crime aren’t necessarily the same as Dick Grayson, and I feel like Dick is trying to mentor him and teach him a different way and Jason doesn’t want a part of it.”

Executive producer Geoff Johns called this character meeting “delightful.” Let’s focus on that instead of what Jason’s comic book origins may or may not tell us about his future on the series.

Titans is a much more gritty take on the Teen Titans comic book lineup. Dick begins the series as a detective, who’s trying to distance himself from his violent past as Batman’s sidekick. He’ll encounter a troubled girl named Raven, the daughter of a demon, and hit the road as they flee forces looking to take advantage of her powers. Along the way, they’ll pick up familiar Titans characters Starfire and Beast Boy.

The show will premiere on the DC Universe streaming platform beginning Oct. 12 with new episodes arriving every Friday.

—Additional reporting by Chancellor Agard.

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