By Dalton Ross
September 14, 2018 at 11:30 AM EDT
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Survivor host Jeff Probst has already told us where that epic tie vote from Ghost Island ranks in terms of all-time greatest moments on the show. (And he has also predicted that someone in the future will do what Dom failed to do in giving up final immunity.) But with the show now in the habit of collecting and retaining pieces of Survivor history for future installments, it got me thinking: Might we see Laurel’s tiebreaker vote — the most famous vote in Survivor history — show up again in another season?

“It could very likely show up,” Probst told me out on location in Fiji. But then the host went one step further, guaranteeing that another famous vote would make yet another appearance. “I can tell you a vote that will definitely show up ‘cause it’s sitting in that room right now,” said Probst while pointing to his beachfront abode in Fiji. “And that is the Michaela, Kellyn, Sebastian vote, which will definitely be back in.”

He wasn’t kidding about it being a few feet away, and Probst took a picture of me with it later as proof.

Courtesy of Dalton Ross

The vote you see above that Probst was referring to (and I am clutching like the biggest nerd in the entire world) is the vote-steal that Cirie attempted to steal from Sarah — to save Sarah! —in Game Changers, until it was pointed out that the power was non-transferable. Sarah then used it to steal’s Tai’s vote and get rid of Cirie’s ally Michaela. Kellyn then received the actual vote in Ghost Island (although now it was just an extra vote and not a vote-steal) and cast it for Laurel. Finally, Sebastian received the same vote later in the season, but never used it. Probst has had it in his possession ever since.

“We hand carried it to the [Ghost Island finale] live show and I hand carried it back out here. I love Ghost Island. I am unabashed about how much I like the idea of bad mojo and merely putting that thought in your head and 7 of the 11 items that were haunted, haunted again. So anybody that’s wants to [shrug their shoulders] and say ‘Eh, bad mojo? I don’t know.’ It got seven people. Pretty high percentage.”

When and where we see Sarah’s vote-steal and/or Laurel’s tiebreaker vote remains to be seen, but season 37 kicks-off Sept. 26 on CBS with the premiere of Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

To see Probst discuss Survivor’s most famous votes, watch the video at the top of the post. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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