By Lynette Rice
September 14, 2018 at 05:45 PM EDT

Never in the history of Let’s Make a Deal has a contestant scored a deal like this.

In Tuesday’s episode, host Wayne Brady officiates the first ever wedding on the CBS game show — and EW has an exclusive clip!

In the episode, a player dressed as a yodeler named Felix reveals to Brady that he will marry his fiancé Roman (the one who looks like a pharaoh) if he wins a big prize. Apparently, Felix triumphs because in the next scene, Brady — who got ordained online during a commercial break — is asking them to recite their vows.

Brady is particularly giddy because the impromptu wedding happened on day two of the show’s 10th season anniversary. “They just won the big deal for real!” he exclaims.

Let’s Make A Deal has featured proposals in the past but has never staged an actual wedding.

The game show airs weekdays on CBS.