Before accepting the co-leading role on Lethal Weapon, Seann William Scott wanted assurances that he wasn’t expected to straight-up replace the fired Clayne Crawford as a new Det. Martin Riggs.

“Because that would be weird,” the American Pie star recalls saying. “I had seen that on a soap opera or something and I was like, ‘Dude.'”

No worries, bro. Scott was recruited to play ex-CIA agent Wesley Cole, who partners with Damon Wayans’ Roger Murtaugh. And Wes will be just as lethal as Murtaugh’s old partner when it comes to catching the bad guys.

“Seann’s character had to be a loose cannon,” executive producer Matthew Miller explains to EW. “We needed to replace the engine of Riggs without betraying the dynamic that people have come to love about the show.”

Even though Crawford is long gone for his poor on-set behavior, his character will have a presence in the season 3 premiere.

“I think a lot of fans may be upset they’re not going to see Riggs,” says Scott. “I really believe they’re going to watch this and feel like we handled it in a way that is really respectful to the character and what he meant to the show.”

Then he adds with a sly smile, “The action is huge, too!”

Lethal Weapon returns Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.