By Nick Romano
September 14, 2018 at 09:08 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon put on a grand show for the Tonight Show‘s session in New York’s Central Park. He got Justin Bieber to go undercover with him and prance around Bethesda Fountain, and he landed Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood as his headlining guests. Fallon also surprised the crowd with a Crazy Rich guest, Lively’s A Simple Favor costar Henry Golding, and one Name That Song challenge that stumped even a former American Idol at times.

Members of the New York Philharmonic joined The Roots to play snippets of a song — not even the main refrains, but most of the time just some background beats or musical phrases. Based on those alone, the competing teams (Fallon and Lively, Underwood and Golding) had to guess the tune.

Questlove is still the creative genius of the Name That Song game, but Fallon was somehow able to get Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” from just a few bars. Even Underwood admitted, “That was good.”

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