By Ruth Kinane
September 12, 2018 at 10:09 AM EDT

Who’s trying to steal Stephen Colbert’s new look?

The answer is Jeopardy‘s Alex Trebek and The Late Show host is not happy about it. Jeopardy returned to screens for its 35th season on Monday and contestants and viewers alike couldn’t help but notice the addition to the beloved host’s face.

“Because so many of you people asked about it, I decided to regrow my mustache, but as you can see things got a little out of hand,” explained Trebek on the season premiere. “These hairs kept attracting friends.”

An impressed Colbert, who has also recently grown a very similar (if slightly less full) grey beard, very unconvincingly deemed Trebek’s new facial hair “very cute” before going on a rant about the trivia show host’s “cheap Canadian knock-off of the ‘Colbeard.'” The Late Show host warned Trebek to “step off, Beardly-come-lately” because there “cannot be two ‘Colbeards’, there can only be one.”

Luckily, Colbert has a sharp solution in mind to decide who gets to keep their new beard: A trivia face-off. The loser has to shave.

Watch the clip above.