By Nick Romano
September 12, 2018 at 03:30 PM EDT
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Steven Tyler did say that tuning into The Tonight Show Wednesday night was a must, and here’s why: the Aerosmith frontman got his bandmates together to perform a rendition of their famous 1975 head-banger “Walk This Way.” This time, Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer traded in their instruments for Classroom Instruments, as shown in EW’s exclusive video of the segment.

It’s a rock session that follows Backstreet Boys singing “I Want It That Way” and Camila Cabello singing “Havana.”

Jimmy Fallon rocked out on woodblock as Tariq Trotter and the rest of The Roots made the song come alive. The unique sound came from a mixture of kazoos, mini guitars, pianos, and a pair of Adidas sneakers turned into shakers.

Is this the kind of magic we can expect from Aerosmith’s Las Vegas residency?

The Demon of Screamin’ announced in August that the group would be joining the likes of Lady Gaga and The Who in taking over a theater in Sin City for a stint called “Deuces Are Wild.”

“We want to bring a show in there we really can’t do when on the road, on a regular tour,” Perry said. “So we want to bring a show that still has Aerosmith and all the guts of Aerosmith, but has a whole other element to it that we haven’t been able to do before.”

Classroom Instruments is “a whole other element.” Just saying.

Aerosmith’s musical segment airs during tonight’s episode at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC. It precedes The Tonight Show‘s massive broadcast from Central Park in New York City, featuring guests Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood.

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