The Time’s Up movement, Rachel Bloom, and Kathy Griffin are among the prominent voices calling out CBS chief Leslie Moonves and the network itself in the wake of six more women accusing Moonves of sexual assault or harassment, as reported Sunday in The New Yorker. The allegations, which Moonves has denied, have reportedly precipitated his imminent departure.

Time’s Up, which launched in January in response to widespread allegations of sexual misconduct across the media and entertainment industries, said in a statement Sunday, “Six more women have made bone-chilling allegations of abuse, harassment and retaliation against Les Moonves. We believe them. These new allegations are in addition to the previous six women who have already bravely spoken out and detailed horrific behavior from Moonves. Nineteen current and former CBS employees have also alleged that former CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager condoned sexual harassment in his division.

“These allegations speak to a culture of toxic complicity at CBS, where the safety of women was continuously ignored to protect the careers of powerful men and the corporation,” the statement continued. “The CBS Board of Directors has an obligation to move swiftly and decisively to create a safe work environment for all and rid the company of this toxic culture.”

The statement concluded by warning CBS and members of the board that many are watching as they decide what steps to take next: “CBS, as you sit in a room debating next steps to rectify the damage done, remember that the world is watching. We will accept nothing less than full transparency of the investigation’s findings, a commitment to real change across all levels of CBS management and no reward for Les Moonves.”

Bloom, the star and co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — which airs on the CW, a joint venture between CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment — called on CBS to fire Moonves without any severance package.

“As an employee of CBS, I would just like to say that Les Moonves should be fired without getting a f—ing dollar,” she tweeted, while linking to Ronan Farrow’s latest New Yorker story about the allegations against Moonves. “The actions described in this article are those of sexual assault and shame on anyone else in the corporation who knew about his crimes.”

Griffin also tweeted about the matter, responding to Hollywood Reporter editorial director Matthew Belloni calling Moonves’ impending exit the “end of an era.”

“Are you nuts? It isn’t the end of s—,” she wrote. “Just a handful of these type guys still run everything. You’ll see them cover for each other and get powerful women to cover for them. Just watch. PS you haven’t seen me on CBS in years have you? Ever wonder why?”

EW has reached out to CBS for comment about the remarks from Time’s Up, Bloom, and Griffin.