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Two weeks after killing off Kanan (played by 50 Cent), Power delivered another major blow in its season 5 finale. But first, a SPOILER ALERT! Don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen the episode.

In the final moments of episode 10, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) shot Angela (Lela Loren) in the presence of Ghost (Omari Hardwick). That wound didn’t look so great, either. We asked executive producer Courtney Kemp to talk about her decision to stack up the body count this season, whether Angela will survive, and whether this means we’re coming up to the final episodes of her popular Starz drama.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At the beginning of the season, I asked you about potential deaths, and your quote was, “We have to maintain the standard that everyone is vulnerable at times. Everyone, no matter what actor, and I really mean that.” So that must have meant that you went into this season knowing you wanted to kill Kanan and shoot Angela, right?

COURTNEY KEMP: No. I knew that this was going to be the last season for Kanan, for sure. But I didn’t, in terms of the Angela thing, Angela’s not dead. She’s just shot. And so, yeah, we knew some big stuff was going to happen, for sure.

Was 50 Cent ready to go?

We had a series of conversations about how the story was going to play out, and because 50 is expanding — he’s producing more, he’s going to direct next season, he has a feature film career ahead of him. There’s a lot going on in his career. So yeah, we talked about a lot of different things. But also, again, this show is not going on forever. It’s not procedural, it’s not CSI, it’s actually just a close-ended story that is a long-form.

So it kind of feels like next season will be the last. Is that it?

I can’t say any such thing.

When you say 50 will direct, he is going to direct an episode or two of Power next season?

Yes. People never knew how incredibly invested he is. It still has his name on it.

I understood Tommy’s anger, but should we really believe that Teresi wasn’t going to turn on his son?

Teresi did rat, but if you remember what he ratted about was the one thing that Tommy had nothing to do with, which was the killing of the Charlie Murphy character. He didn’t rat Tommy out at the end of the day.

You have to admit that Ghost was right when he said Teresi couldn’t be trusted. So was is it really a bad call to have Teresi killed?

It’s not a bad call to have Teresi killed. It’s hard for Tommy to have to be the one who did it. Remember Vincent and Ghost said he’s a rat, and Vincent said, ‘Okay, I’ll have him killed.’ And Ghost says, “No, have Tommy do it.” That was a specific thing.

And how did that benefit Ghost?

Because if someone else kills Teresi, then Tommy will be on a rampage to get revenge. If Ghost kills Teresi, Tommy will be on a rampage to get revenge on him. If Vincent does it, Tommy will be discombobulated and go after Vincent, which will get Tommy killed. So what Ghost has done is arrange a situation where the only person who could kill Teresi and have everything stay status-quo is Tommy himself.

So, Ghost was working in Tommy’s best interest, don’t you think?

That’s how Ghost would see it; that’s not how Tommy sees it.

Why couldn’t Ghost tell Angela the truth about whether he killed Terry? I feel like if he had admitted it, Angie would have stayed with him. Right?

Do I think Angie would stay with him? I don’t know, she’s forgiven a lot of other things, but I think her point was not about why. Silver didn’t need to be killed for the scheme to work. He didn’t need to be dead. So the actual issue is, the only reason to kill him had to do with Ghost still having feelings for Tasha. In episode 7, Angie asks him, “Why are you upset about this? Are you upset because of Tasha, or are you upset because it affects Tariq?” And he says, “Oh, blah, blah, it doesn’t affect me at all.” But when he’s watching Tasha have sex with Silver, he’s not mad because she lied to him about meeting up with the guy. He’s not mad about that. He has a visceral reaction to someone else putting their hands on his wife. And that’s something that he can’t confess to Angela in that moment.

I used to think he was vulnerable when it came to her, but it just feels like he’s changed for the worst. He’s getting really bad.

Well, I mean, if there’s a question in there, I guess the question is, has the character changed? And the answer is, the character hasn’t changed in terms of his selfishness, but his daughter is dead, so he’s a little bit more serious these days.

Why can’t anyone manage to kill Dre? Why can’t all these stupid men shoot straight?

If you think about the show, it’s a chessboard. Dre is a useful piece, unfortunately. So it’s hard to kill him off because he’s useful.

What does the DEA agent want with Dre?

Because if Dre testifies about the Jimenez [operation], the Jimenez [operation] will go down, the Lobos murder will be a solved, a lot of things are going to happen.

How do you feel about this season?

There were people in the audience who were like, “This is the worst season ever, it doesn’t feel like the show.” And I was like, “Well, Raina’s death changed the show.” It had to. You could not go back to the tone of the earlier seasons once that child was killed. So in terms of the plotting and juggling all these different elements and bringing them all together, that’s what we do best as a show. I think people who watch the show who just like to see guns and drugs, that’s always going to be an element. But it isn’t really what the show is about, nor has it ever been.

I’m sad about 50 Cent. I’m going to miss his white teeth.

Amen, sister.

Are you going to go to Bora Bora for a little vacation now?

I’m sitting in my office in New York because production starts Sept. 17. Where else would I be? The truck keeps moving.

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