By Nick Romano
September 07, 2018 at 05:41 PM EDT

Patricia Clarkson is moving on from HBO’s Sharp Objects with other projects while the rest of us are cursed with the knowledge of what happened in the finale. If you waited to the very end of the credits, there were more chilling revelations to endure. Clarkson, whose Adora Crellin throws more shade than a Drag Race contestant, now tosses out her own idea about what she would’ve done if given an Adora-based post-credits stinger.

“I would’ve had [Adora] dancing in her jail cell. That would’ve been my end-credit [scene],” the actress says at the PEOPLE/EW studio at the Toronto International Film Festival.

That, obviously, isn’t what we got. Spoilers ensue.

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The Sharp Objects season finale saw Adora getting arrested under suspicion that she was the one who killed all those girls in Wind Gap. Something tells us it was all that poison she was giving her own daughters. But that wasn’t the whole story.
Upon inspecting Amma’s (Eliza Scanlen’s) beloved doll house, Camille (Amy Adams) finds a tooth. She then realizes the floor has been built out of many teeth… the teeth that were pulled out of the dead girls’ mouths. Following those three heart-stopping words from Amma — “don’t tell mamma” — the post-credits scenes featured flashes of Amma killing the girls from her class along with her latest victim, their next-door neighbor in St. Louis.

Who’s to say Clarkson’s idea wouldn’t have been better?

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Clarkson also discussed going from playing Adora to her character in the upcoming film Out of Blue, Det. Mike Hoolihan. “It was the most radical chance I had to make — internally externally, emotionally, physically,” she said. “I had five articles of clothing [for Mike] and Adora I had four closetfuls [laughs]. I had trousers and a shirt and a jacket, and hair and makeup that was so simple. The beauty of Mike is the character has to really live from deep within, whereas Adora, well, she’s such a wild ride.”

And while Sharp Objects is now over, Adora has followed Clarkson to TIFF. “It’s interesting to be here now, post-Sharp Objects. Last night I was out in a restaurant and this man — he was sitting quietly all night, and then he leans over and goes, ‘Good thing you got out of jail,'” she recounted, laughing.

Watch Clarkson discuss Sharp Objects and Out of Blue in the video above.