Jimmy Fallon loves using his celebrity pals to play gags on regular, everyday fans, whether that’s through photobombs, interrupting confessionals, or busking undercover in the New York City subway. In the case of Paul McCartney, it involved surprising visitors at 30 Rock.

Groups of people went up in an elevator, only to make an unexpected pitstop on a floor where Fallon and McCartney were waiting for them. McCartney appeared on The Tonight Show to chat about new album Egypt Station, but he wasn’t above razzle-dazzling his public by sporting super classy loungewear and smoking a pipe. Other groups in the elevator were stunned to see them McCartney playing pingpong with Fallon or just simply popping up from around the corner.

Some folks didn’t realize they weren’t allowed to leave the elevator during the bit. The security guard was there to remind them.

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