By Dalton Ross
September 07, 2018 at 06:30 PM EDT

He was so nice they had to evict him twice. Scottie Salton had quite the roller-coaster ride on Big Brother, getting voted out of the house, winning his way back in via a Battle Back challenge… and then promptly getting voted out again. How did it all go bad — AGAIN?! Which hurt more, getting voted out the first time or the second? And did anything during his second stint in the house change his feelings as a jury member who will be voting for the winner? We asked Scottie all that and more in our second exit interview with him of the season.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You got voted out of the house, came back in, and immediately got voted out again. Is there anything you could have done differently to save yourself this time?
SCOTTIE SALTON: Definitely. I could have actually won a competition. I would also like to add that I got voted out unanimously once, came back and got voted out unanimously again. Only person this year to get voted out unanimously, and I did it not once but twice.

You said you were trying to be tame and hold things back to avoid freaking everyone out. How difficult was that to keep a lid on your personality?
It was really difficult not to argue with people all the time when all you like to do is argue. It is really difficult to bite your tongue especially when you know someone is lying right to your face. It sucks.

You called Tyler a coward. Why?
Tyler is a coward because he does things that he says is diplomatic because he says that is what the house wants but he just doesn’t want to get blood on his hands. He doesn’t even have the guts to tell things to your face. He waits till after. If I had the power I would do what I want and not what the house wants.

What did you make of people in their goodbye messages saying they wanted to save you but followed Tyler’s orders as HOH?
Ugh. Cowards. Especially if they… either they are working with him or they are just scared to go against the numbers. Now, Kaycee and Haleigh have to be working with Tyler and I think Haleigh too. We are at a point where people should start playing with a spine.

You’re back on the jury. Did anything in your second run in the house change your feelings about how people are playing the game and if so, hit me up with some examples?
Yes. JC is a big one. The first time I thought that JC was doing a really good job of lying low playing the game, and now I think he is actually just skating by and doing whatever the HOH wants. My opinion of JC went way down. And Kaycee, she likes to act like she knows nothing but when you talk with her it is clear she knows more than she lets on. She is kind of a hypocrite.

Which hurts more, getting voted out the first time or the second? And why?
The first time hurt more not because I was voted out but because Fess put me there. He was one of the few I could honestly say I never would have touched and then he got me out. That hurt.

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