It’s the crossover that you never knew you needed: Jack Ryan vs. Blade.

With the new Amazon series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, John Krasinski is taking another step away from comedy and his iconic character Jim Halpert toward the world of action. But one person isn’t buying the jump.

“I guess you really are ‘Jack Ryan’ now,” said Colbert on Tuesday’s Late Show, describing his guest as sweet and adorable. “Comedy guys like me and you aren’t meant to do action.” It turns out that Colbert is speaking from experience since he tried to make the jump 20 years ago but lost out to Wesley Snipes for the title role of Blade.

Since Colbert refuses to believe that Krasinski can do action, The Office alum tries to prove himself by doing 10 push ups, but that plays right into Colbert’s argument. “A real action guy wouldn’t do push ups just because I told him to,” said The Blade runner up. “A real action guy would punch me in the face.” You know who would punch him in the face? “Harrison Ford,” declares Colbert. “The real Jack Ryan.”

That was one step too far for Krasinski, who clocks Colbert, starting an epic brawl that includes impressive choreography, a banana peel, costume change, and a brief Office reunion. But it all leads to one final showdown on the roof.

“Us comedy guys, we’ll never be like them,” says Colbert. “We can’t be heroes. We’re not allowed to be sexy.” Krasinski’s washboard abs beg to differ, causing Colbert to admit defeat right before he’s thrown from the building. “You hear that?” Krasinski says looking into the camera just like a certain Scranton paper salesman use to. “Action guy.”

That’s what he said.

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