By Nick Romano
Updated August 31, 2018 at 10:33 AM EDT
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Dwight Schrute, by way of Rainn Wilson, always wanted to be an agent for the C.I.A. Now he’s facing down the C.I.A. as a new breed of terrorist in an alternate reality where Amazon’s Jack Ryan series crosses over with NBC’s The Office.

Funny or Die put together this new mash-up video that fuses the two shows together, setting up a cat-and-mouse game with Dwight and John Krasinski‘s Jack Ryan. The result is Tom Clancy’s Jim Ryan, and paper company Dunder Mufflin is the war zone.

Dwight is psychotic, and we’re not just talking about how he’ll hide inside a snowman so he can pelt his coworker with snowballs out of revenge. Sick! He terrorizes his colleagues with a gun in the office, he kidnapped someone’s child, and he’s a master of disguise. But Jim, Jack’s cover, is adapting.

Seeing the somewhat mixed reviews for Amazon’s Jack Ryan (EW gave it a B-), could this be more entertaining than the actual show?

Watch the mashed-up version above.

Jack Ryan

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