By Dalton Ross
August 31, 2018 at 12:20 PM EDT
Big Brother
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Each week, Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I always ask you to sum up the game of the person voted out. Doing that for Faysal almost seems cruel due to all his missteps, but what can you say about his game and time in the house?
JULIE CHEN: There is a saying I sometimes like to use: God doesn’t always give with two hands. Faysal is a case of that. He got the looks… but not exactly the brains. Nice guy though — just naive and too trusting. I mean, come on! It’s Big Brother. Trust No One. I’m pushing for that to be our new tagline instead of Expect the Unexpected. Whadaya think?

Faysal wouldn’t answer your question about whether he would have used the veto on himself or Haleigh if he had won it. So let’s play a guessing game: What do you think he would have done had he won it and why?
Well, the fact that he didn’t answer tells me he would’ve used it on himself but didn’t want to sound like a jerk and yet he didn’t want to lie. Plus, it would’ve been in line with all his other bad moves in the game. He wasn’t bright enough to see that Haleigh would’ve had a better chance at winning than him. She’s smarter and she can easily fit in better with the other side of the house. Easier for her to make inroads. Brett already likes to flirt with her and Angela can kind of bond with her in a “cute girls club” way.

How do you think Scottie will do now that he is back in the house after winning the Battle Back competition? Do you think he will just get picked off again or does he have a chance to do some damage?
Well, the numbers are not good for him and anyone he is close to. Probably too late to make inroads with any of the people in power. It’s about numbers in this game. That being said, he’s pretty coordinated and if he can win competitions then he has a chance.

Who should be the most worried about Scottie coming back?
I guess Angela because he named her as his target. And she cannot win HOH this week.

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