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August 31, 2018 at 03:10 PM EDT
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He called himself one of the worst Big Brother players ever, and many fans agreed after Faysal Shafaat was tricked into targeting one his own alliance members for eviction while serving as Head of Household. But now Fessy will have to be content with making sure he is not one of the worst Big Brother jury members ever. That’s because the 26-year-old substitute teacher (and “full-time moron” according to the Zingbot) was evicted from the house and then lost to Scottie in the Battle Back competition that allowed one jury member to re-enter the game.

What’s the real reason Faysal wanted Scottie out? Why did he light into Angela in his final speech? What does the future hold for him and Haleigh? We asked Fessy all that and more after he was eliminated from the game.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You kept saying in the past few days how dumb you were in the game and how you and Haleigh were the worst Big Brother players ever. What are you most upset at yourself about in terms of gameplay?
FAYSAL SHAFAAT: I guess the fact that if Haleigh is my ride or die and she takes a shot at Tyler and Angela and she misses both of them. Then I somehow win HOH right after, that the smartest most logical move would have been to put them right back up on the block but I chose to put up Scottie, someone that was close to us.

So what’s the real reason you wanted to get Scottie out? Is it because you didn’t trust him in the game or because he had a crush on Haleigh?
The crush on Haleigh didn’t really bother me. It was because of the top three comments he made to Haleigh and I thought he was the one flipping the votes to keep Brett. He told Haleigh that me and Bayleigh made a top three with him. I thought Scottie did that to pin me against Haleigh. He was so comfortable talking game with Haleigh for hours but not me. That was a red flag. I just thought he should have felt comfortable with both of us.

You tried to blow up Angela’s game in your final speech. Was that a strategic move, a personal one, or both?
It was kind of both, I guess. It was strategic in the fact that I wanted her to not have an easy ride the final four and I wanted to take some pressure off of Haleigh. It was personal because I didn’t put her on the block. I kept my word with her and then she went and put me on the block. I just felt like she thought she was better than everyone else so I thought I am going to call your ass out on national television. I blew it up because I didn’t want her feeling comfortable in the game moving forward.

How do you feel about Scottie going back in the house after winning the Battle Back competition? Is that sweet justice for him after you ended up getting him out to begin with?
Haha. Obviously, I wanted to be the one going back in but I felt like after I got put on the block by Angela it was the wrong move to put him up. He deserves another shot because if I wrongly evicted him it is only right that he goes back into the house and gets another shot.

How difficult was it to be voted out, find out you had a chance to get back in the house, and then miss out? That seems like an emotional rollercoaster.
Yeah. It was definitely a very emotional day because I knew I was getting voted out and then to hear Julie say there is a chance. Then it was a ball comp and hand-eye coordination and to just drop the ball on it… I was picturing walking right back into the house and to not be able to do that, it really hurt.

What would you like to see happen with you and Haleigh outside of the house?
I wanna be with Haleigh outside of the house. I think being trapped in a house every day you really get to know someone. That is why I have such strong feelings for her. We see each other at our best and at our worst. If we can make it in the crazy ass game together then we should be just fine in the real world.

Plenty can change between now and the end of the season, but who do you think that is still in the house has been playing the best game so far?
I would say between Brett or Tyler. I think Tyler is sitting pretty because he has won a bunch of comps and he still had people backing him up. Brett has survived the block three times and he is a really good social player.

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