The eight-episode series will debut in November

My Brilliant Friend (book)

Since the first of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels was translated into English in 2012, the coming-of-age books (and their candy-colored spines) have gone from NPR-listening, tote-bag literary circles to genuine mainstream phenomenon.

Ferrente’s books center on two girls, the perceptive narrator Elena (called Lenù) and her “brilliant friend,” the impulsive and beautiful Raffaella (nicknamed Lila).

Now the tangled story of families and friendships in a poor neighborhood in Naples is making the jump to premium cable with an eight-episode adaptation from Italian filmmaker Saverio Costanzo, focused on the first of Ferrante’s four novels, My Brilliant Friend.

As seen in the first teaser trailer (above), the show will be in Italian with English subtitles. The trailer also glimpses one of the novel’s most iconic scenes, in which Lila throws her doll down a basement chute and Elena follows her example.

My Brilliant Friend will air in November, which gives you just enough time to catch up on your Ferrante reading.

My Brilliant Friend (book)
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