By Derek Lawrence
August 26, 2018 at 12:38 PM EDT
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Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode of Power, which is already available to watch on demand.

“You know Kanan’s not gonna go down easy.”

Ain’t that the truth, Ghost. But Kanan Starks, a pivotal character since the beginning of Power, went down in Sunday’s shocking episode, “A Friend of the Family.” That means 50 Cent, basically the face of Power due to his role as star, executive producer, hype man, and Golden Globes s— talker has been killed off. They really did it. (Now what is 50 Cent going to talk about for hours?)

Perhaps even more shocking is how Kanan’s death went down, and more specifically, that he was betrayed by the one person who seemed to be in his corner.

While Ghost was busy plotting to set up Dre for the murder of Ray Ray, Tasha beat him to the punch with an even more cunning plan. After a small crime spree together, Tariq confronts Kanan about killing his own son, Shawn. They then get pulled over by the police, but Kanan isn’t worried since he said earlier in the episode that he would never ride dirty again. Well, he unknowingly was, as it’s revealed that Tasha gave Tariq the gun that was used to kill Ray Ray, and he planted it in Kanan’s trunk. To top it off, Tasha had called the police and reported Tariq missing.

But like Ghost predicted, Kanan wasn’t going down easy, clearly unwilling to go back to jail. Once Tariq was loaded safely into a cop car, Kanan was able to steal an officer’s gun and started shooting. He killed all the cops, but not before being shot himself. He had enough strength to get into a different police car and begin to drive away, only to start coughing up blood and subsequently collapse onto the steering wheel, succumbing to his gunshot wounds.

The St. Patricks and LaKeisha then gather at the police station and put the final nail in the coffin, further pinning Ray Ray’s murder on Kanan. The episode ends with Tommy and Ghost at the morgue to identify the body of their friend/mentor/enemy. “Rest in peace, you tough bastard,” declares Tommy.

Myles Aronowitz/Starz

50 Cent’s exit as a star of the show (apparently he will be back to direct next season) comes after creator Courtney A. Kemp told EW ahead of season 5 that anyone can go. “We have to maintain the standard that everyone is vulnerable at times,” Kemp previously teased. “Everyone, no matter what actor — and I really mean that.”

That sentiment didn’t seem to be music to 50 Cent’s ears. “I don’t never deserve to die,” he told EW. “I’ll tell her that, because I’d hate to be unemployed and looking for a new gig.”

Well, time to update that résumé.

—Additional reporting by Lynette Rice.

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