Ali G: 'U iz a genuine gangsta! And it turns out most of your crew are too...'
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Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen resurrected Ali G on Thursday to take some shots at Donald Trump.

In a message posted on Twitter, the actor-comedian mocked the president's explosive setback this week after lawyer Michael Cohen revealed under oath that Trump directed him to violate campaign finance laws during the 2016 election with hush money payouts to two women.

Cohen brought back his breakout rapper character to ridicule Trump, mock-praising him for apparent criminality ("U iz a genuine gangsta! And it turns out most of your crew are too…"), suggesting he might not be very well endowed ("u told everyone it woz massive on da telly, and one fing u aint is a liar") and saying he's an inspiration to young people (by showing that you can become president "without having to give up a life of crime"). Cohen also embedded an old clip from his Da Ali G Show when he had Trump on. See the full letter and clip below:

Trump once claimed about the above clip that he's the only person to not fall for Cohen's act — and that he's incapable of being fooled.

Cohen's series Who Is America? airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

Sacha Baron Cohen
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