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Each week, Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We watched Rockstar mistakenly save Tyler in the Veto competition by giving him the right answer when he had it wrong, and then in the next round bring back the wrong tag for Otev. How inexplicable was that?
: The ultimate expect the unexpected moment. Especially for Rockstar. She has come so close before only to not win. It just wasn’t in her cards, I guess.

Why would people like Angela and Brett come off so harsh in their final words to Rockstar? As you pointed out on the live show, that doesn’t seem to be a particularly smart strategy.
I think with Angela, she’s just a mean girl but doesn’t even realize it. She’s probably just a truly unhappy person, which is sad. I don’t think her petty, mean comments towards Rockstar were really about Rockstar; it was about her own unhappiness with who she is or where she’s currently at in life. I think she just needs to grow up. As for Brett, he likes being the villain. He truly seems to enjoy being an arrogant meanie. I think he MUST be playing a character to be interesting or talked about. I mean, who’s like that in real life? He’s got to be doing it for the cameras, right?

Time for some real talk: Can we please devote all of Sunday’s episode to an isolation camera on JC doing the slip-and-fall HOH competition?
OMG, how funny was that? It was like out of an old school comedy show. An oldie but a goodie. Who doesn’t love a slip and slide?!

Speaking of bonus material, I feel like the jury house is going to be full of action this summer. Beyond the quick weekly updates, have you all ever talked about putting cameras in there as well for some live feeds of some sort or a weekly CBS All Access show?
I’ve often suggested and wondered what it would be like to run a secondary show running parallel to the remaining weeks of Big Brother or on CBS All Access showing the Jury House. I think it was too costly? But yes, it would be fun to watch. Hey, maybe one day. We had talked about Celebrity Big Brother since 2001 and it only took us 17 years, but we did it! Expect the unexpected.

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