One is the "prince consort who does things by the book," while the other is "the longest serving British monarch in history." Together, they are Lizzie and The Duke, James Corden's new mashup between Netflix's The Crown and CBS cop dramas.

Matt Smith reprises his Crown role of Prince Philip, while Corden continues his exploration of female roles with Queen Elizabeth. Both must set aside their romantic history as Chief McDaniels (Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Terry Crews) taps them to become partners to clean up the "stinkin' city" of Los Angeles in 2018.

"Come on, Philip. Let's go and teach these ghastly ruffians some manners," the Queen says.

Elizabeth, obviously, is the bad cop of this duo. She says things like, "It looks like you abdicated the bone," as she snaps bad guys' arms and gets aggressive when she's interrogating criminals. Lizzie and The Duke also has the best tagline: "Criminals are royally screwed" … except for when they get reassigned as meter maids for blowing up a building in the line of duty.

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