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The Magicians is introducing a fishy magical creature in season 4!

Meet the Manphibian, a.k.a. Lord Fresh (Anthony Ingram), the part-man, part-amphibian Lord of All Fillorian Fresh Waters. Ever-dignified, Lord Fresh is loyal but never servile to the High Kings of Fillory and encounters one of the show’s unsuspecting, and now magicless, characters, in season 4.

Check out an exclusive first look at the new character below:

The Magicians - Season 4
Credit: Eric Milner/SYFY

“Lord Fresh is exactly the kind of royal courtier I’d be in Fillory — loyal, hard-working, web-footed, and able to hold my breath for 2 hours,” executive producer John McNamara said in a statement to EW.

In creating the character’s appearance, costume designer Magali Guidasci wanted to make sure that his frog-like appearance didn’t detract from his royalty. “Lord Fresh for me is a man frog, but a lord, hence his beautifully detailed coat. So even if he lives in a swampy environment, he still has elegance and takes pride in his appearance,” said Guidasci, who also gave EW some behind-the-scenes photos of Lord Fresh’s costumes. “The attention in the design is in the details, such as the lily pads he wears on his lapel. He is the lotus flower of the swamp.”

Credit: Magali Guidasci
Credit: Magali Guidasci

The Magicians blew up its world in season 3, which ended with Quentin (Jason Ralph), Margo (Summer Bishil), Julia (Stella Maeve), and the rest of the gang having their memories erased after restoring magic to the world. The characters are trapped in magical witness protection with new lives and no knowledge of magic — but that doesn’t mean they’re safe from danger. In season 4, they’ll eventually have to deal with the ancient monster that has taken over Eliot’s (Hale Appleman) body and set its sights on playing with Quentin, now known as Brian.

“You know I thought that I was gonna have like a great opportunity for this new guy [Brian] who had a different kind of outlook on the world, but we really dove right back into … constant and utter terror,” said Ralph about season 4 in an interview with EW at the Magic Castle in July. “The brand of terror is a little different.”

The Magicians will return in 2019 on Syfy.

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