By Dalton Ross
August 17, 2018 at 01:17 PM EDT

Rockstar was not exactly a rock star when it came to Big Brother. She inexplicably gave Tyler the right answer in a Veto competition when he was about to be eliminated, then brought back the wrong answer in the next round when it looked like she had won it to keep herself safe.

As if that was not enough, she then got hoodwinked by former foe Brett, who convinced her he was on board for a new “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance, only to then laugh in her face after she was evicted (which doesn’t exactly seem like strong jury management skills, but whatever). So it was a rocky road for Rockstar indeed. We caught up with Angie Lantry on her way to the jury house to discuss her purple rain of tears.

Big Brother
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You thought you were safe and Faysal even called you “unevictable.” So what do you think happened?
ANGIE “ROCKSTAR” LANTRY: I never thought I was unevictable. I packed some stuff up every single time. I didn’t feel well liked by the people in there. I don’t know if they just didn’t understand me or take the time to get to know me. I never thought that, though I appreciated his sentiment.

You mistakenly saved Tyler in the Veto competition by giving him the right answer when he had it wrong, and then in the next round brought back the wrong tag for Otev. How often have you been reliving those mistakes?
About every five minutes.

How did you feel about Angela’s final words when she threw your words about her being a “princess” and “an entitled bitch” back in your face?
Like I was not wrong. She totally hair-flipped through that entire house. She literally floated through the entire game, not once feeling any pressure. Give it up to the girl if she makes it to the very end but I wish I can watch the episode where she goes on the block and stays there. She carried herself like a princess through the entire house. I never got the change to say that to her face, so I really wonder who told her those words. I never said that to her.

What about Brett mocking you in his final words? What do you think about him kicking you while you were down after being evicted?
I think that they are pretty much exactly who they were when they walked through the door. Angela and Brett are the bad guys in every Revenge of the Nerds movie. They are the Alpha Betas. They are entitled rich kids. It seems like I did not misread them. That was my judge of them. They didn’t need to be there. They probably have $500,000 trust funds. I guess we are all there for different reason. I don’t think I misread those kids — that is all I am saying.

Beyond the Otev situation, what was your biggest mistake in the game? If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be?
Maybe not trusting Sam in the game. Brett and Angela would have been the first to go!

What was your favorite moment you had in the house?
I loved blowing bubbles outside.

So much can change between now and the end of the season, but who do you think is playing the best game so far?
Scottie. He is athletic and smart. He is the one to beat.

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